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Jorge Galicia

Jorge is a commercial photographer currently residing in Los Angeles, California. His passion stems from the diversity of subject matter found in commercial assignments, which encourage his composition, lighting, and creative abilities; characteristics that keep him looking forward to working on new projects.

He is currently employed as a product photographer for a mayor e-commerce company, where his photographic skills are invaluable in keeping up with the volume of items introduced daily. Careful use of lighting and composition is needed to showcase products accurately and in a visually stimulating manner.

Jorge has a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Photography from The Art Institute of California. Throughout his career he has also delved into videography, graphic design, and front-end web design and enjoys utilizing his knowledge of both the digital and traditional photographic process alongside other mediums.

In his spare time, Jorge enjoys helping friends and family market themselves, attending community events and museums around town, watching tutorials on, reading PDN and Communication Arts, and taking on personal photographic projects.

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Jorge Galicia

# 818.823.3234

Los Angeles, CA

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